About Us

There are people that love color, and there are people that LIVE color. David Kordvani, whose colored stone journey began back in 1969, has spent the last 50 plus years traveling the world, searching for its most unique and precious gems. David is known to be a key figure in bringing Zambian emeralds to the United States back in the early 70s.

Jason and Adam Kordvani, now lead DAVID KORD, one of the industry’s most prestige-colored stone brands and have continued the family legacy of providing their clients with some of the rarest gemstones. Stones were not the family business; they have always been the family passion. “We buy stones we love; not stones we want to sell”.

Having the brand named after their father, they understand that each time they bring a stone to market, they are putting their family name on the line. Its with that in mind that each stone is carefully sourced and priced fairly.

In a statement, Jason said “over the course of my career I have seen many gemstone houses shift towards cutting diamonds, or move into other parts of our industry, but I never once considered changing our path, as colored gemstones are in our blood. We consider it our duty to supply the world with the gems we discover and help each one of our clients find their color”.